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Rare & Unique: Afghan Kilim Rugs

Rare & Unique: Afghan Kilim Rugs

If there’s one thing we love at ISHKA, it’s one-of-a-kind items with a story.

That’s why we’re proud to welcome a beautiful collection of authentic Afghan kilim rugs to our Rare & Unique range.

Read on to learn how Afghan kilims are made, why they are becoming rarer by the day and how owning one will be one of the best home styling choices you'll make. 

Kilim RUgs

For thousands of years, Kilims have been handmade by various tribal and nomadic groups based in the ‘Rug Belt’, a geographical area comprising of Turkey, North Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

While Afghanistan has been a carpet weaving hub for centuries, decades of civil war and instability in the region has severely affected the rug industry, pushing an ancient art form to the brink of extinction.

Kilim Rugs

Kilims made in Afghanistan are prized for their high quality and authentic craftsmanship. Unlike cheap rugs produced in factories, Afghan kilims are traditionally handwoven in villages predominantly located in Northern and Western Afghanistan, using basic tools such as a loom, beating comb, wooden shuttle and a knife or scissors. 

The majority of Afghan kilims are woven from camel or sheeps wool, with vegetable and natural dyes used to produce a vibrant array of colours.

Kilim rugs are distinctive due to their flat weave, pileless design. Unlike common knotted rugs, kilims are made by interweaving the fibres that run the length of the rug (warps) with the fibres that run the width (wefts).

Though not as soft as knotted rugs, kilims are lighter and far more hard-wearing, offering functional benefits for home decorating in addition to their beautiful vintage and geometric designs.

Each rug from our Afghan kilim range is completely unique, many with imperfections that highlight their handwoven, authentic quality - all part of their charm.

And while Afghan kilims make wonderful floor coverings, it’s not all this versatile tapestry can be used for - think wallhangings, bench covers or bed throws!

With many designs, colours and sizes available, you'll be sure to find the right kilim to transform any room of your home.  

Shop our rare and exclusive Afghan kilim rug collection online, or visit our Clayton Superstore to explore the full range!

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